ISSN (Print): 2075-051X

ISSN (Online): 2075-0528

Published: May 15, 2011

The Role of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics in Early Drug Development with reference to the Cyclin-dependent Kinase (Cdk) Inhibitor - Roscovitine

165-178 Moustapha Hassan, Hatem Sallam, Zuzana Hassan

Oral Manifestations and Complications of Diabetes Mellitus A review

179-186 Awatif Y. Al-Maskari, Masoud Y Al-Maskari, Salem Al-Sudairy

To Be or Not To Be Exposed to Direct Sunlight : Vitamin D Deficiency in Oman

196-200 Moeness M. Alshishtawy

Incentives for Better Performance in Health Care

201-106 Asaad Abduljawad, Assaf F. Al-Assaf

Factors Affecting the Quality of Diabetic Care in Primary Care Settings in Oman A qualitative study on patients’ perspectives

207-213 Mohammed Al-Azri, Hilal Al-Azri, Fatma Al-Hashmi, Samira Al-Rasbi, Kawther El-Shafie, Abdullah Al-Maniri

Time Trends and Geographical Distribution of Childhood Leukaemia in Basrah, Iraq,from 2004 to 2009

214-220 Laith A Alrudainy, Jenan G Hassan, Hussam M Salih, Mohammed K Abbas, Athar AS Majeed

Effects of Pranayam Breathing on Respiratory Pressures and Sympathovagal Balance of Patients with Chronic Airflow Limitation and in Control Subjects

221-229 Deepali S Jaju, Mohan B Dikshit, Jothi Balaji, Jyoji George, Syed Rizvi, Omar Al-Rawas

Clinical and Therapeutic Profiles of Heart Failure Patients admitted to a Tertiary Hospital, Aseer Region, Saudi Arabia

230-235 Abdullah S Assiri

Effects of Hydrogen Sulphide on the Isolated Perfused Rat Heart

236-243 Afthab Hussain, Helen Maddock, Hajar Al-Rajaibi, Ray J Carson

Trends and Characteristics of Head and Neck Injury from Falls A hospital based study, Qatar

244-251 Abdulbari Bener, Yassir S. Abdul Rahman, Eltayib Y. Abdel Aleem, Muayad K. Khalid

The Disinfecting Potential of Contact Lens Soutions used by Sultan Qaboos University Students

252-258 B. C. Nzeako, Sara H Al-Sumri

Myelomatous Pleural Effusion : Case report and review of the literature

259-264 Khalil Al-Farsi, Ibrahim Al-Haddabi, Nafla Al-Riyami, Rashid Al-Sukaiti, Salam Al-Kindi

Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever presenting as Acute Abdomen

265-268 Hanaa Al-Araimi, Amal Al-Jabri, Arshad Mehmoud, Seif Al-Abri

Visceral Leishmaniasis with an Unusual Presentation in an HIV Positive Patient

264-272 Nazar M T Jawhar

Lip Necrosis as a Complication of a Prone Position in Scoliosis Surgery

273-275 Abdulmonem Alsiddiky

Reconstruction of Exenterated Orbit using Combined Surgical and Prosthetic Approach

276-279 D R Prithviraj, Anish Gupta, Sumit Khare, Pooja Garg, Malesh Pujari

Acquired Pure Red Cell Aplasia caused by Parvovirus B19 Infection following a Renal Transplant

280-283 Arundathi Kurukulasuriya, Amal A. Hamed, Muhanna Al-Muslahi, Asaid Ibrahim

CADASIL - Cerebral Autosomal Dominant Arteriopathy with Subcortical Infarcts and Leukoencephalopathy

284-285 Ramachandiran Nandhagopa

Late Corneal Thinning and Keratitis following Mitomycin-C use in Pterygium Surgery

286-287 Radha Shenoy, Alexander A Bialasiewicz, Badar Al-Barwani

Woman-Centered Care in Pregnancy and Childbirth

291-292 Rahma Al-Mabslai, Vaidyanathan Gowri

Symptom Sorter

293-294 Kamlesh Bhargava

The Doctor’s Communication Handbook

295-296 Ken Masters