ISSN (Print): 2075-051X

ISSN (Online): 2075-0528

Published: Feb 7, 2012

Child Rights : What can we do in Oman?

1-4 Lamk Al-Lamki

The Role of Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants in Diabetic Complications

5-18 Fatmah A Matough, Siti B Budin, Zariyantey A Hamid, Nasar Alwahaibi, Jamaludin Mohamed

“Between a Rock and a Hard Place” : The discordant views among medical teachers about anatomy content in the undergraduate medical curriculum

19-24 Ibrahim M Inuwa, Varna Taranikanti, Maimouna Al-Rawahy, Sadhana Roychoudhry, Omar Habbal

Sociodemographic and Clinical Characteristics of Patients attending Psychotherapy in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Oman

25-32 Zena Al-Sharbati, Claire Hallas, Hazar Al-Zadjali, Marwan Al-Sharbati

Early versus Late Parenteral Nutrition in Very Low Birthweight Neonates : A retrospective study from Oman

33-40 Amitha R Aroor, Lalitha Krishnan, Zenaida Reyes, Muhammed Fazallulah, Masood Ahmed, Ashfaq A Khan, Yahya Al-Farsi

Biomedical Publications Profile and Trends in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

41-47 Almundher Al-Maawali, Ahmed Al Busadi, Samir Al-Adawi

Types of Bacteria associated with Neonatal Sepsis in Al-Thawra University Hospital, Sana’a, Yemen, and their Antimicrobial Profile

48-54 Hassan A Al-Shamahy, Amal A Sabrah, Abdul Baki Al-Robasi, Samarih M Naser

Comparative Effects of Glibenclamide and Metformin on C-Reactive Protein and Oxidant/Antioxidant Status in Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus

55-61 Alaa A.A. Abdulkadir, Imad A-J. Thanoon

Magnitude and Causes of Low Vision Disability (Moderate and Severe Visual Impairment) among Students of Al-Noor Institute for the Blind in Al-Hassa, Saudi Arabia : A case series

62-68 Fahad Al-Wadani, Rajiv Khandekar, Muneera A. Al-Hussain, Ahmed A. Alkhawaja, Mohammed Sarfaraz Khan, Ramzy A Alsulaiman

Trends of Obesity and Overweight among College Students in Oman : A cross sectional study

69-76 Hashim Al-Kilani, Mostafa Waly, Randa Yousef

Faculty and Students’ Perceptions of Student Experiences in a Medical School Undergoing Curricular Transition in the United Arab Emirates

77-85 Syed I Shehnaz, Jayadevan Sreedharan, Kadayam G Gomathi

What are Patients’ Concerns about Medical Errors in an Emergency Department?

86-92 Nahid Kianmehr, Mani Mofidi, Hossein Saidi, Marzieh HajiBeigi, Mahdi Rezai

Technicity as a Quality Indicator of Excellence in Gynaecology

93-96 Maha Al-Khaduri, Yahya Al- Farsi

Child Maltreatment Types and effects: Series of six cases from a university hospital in Oman

97-102 Muna Al-Saadoon, Marwan Al-Sharbati, Ibtisam El Nour, Basma Al-Said

Misdiagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis and Subsequent Clinical Implication : A case report and review of literature

103-108 Abdullah Al-Asmi, Ramachandiran Nandhagopal, P C Jacob, Arunodaya Gujjar

Tracheobronchopathia Osteochondroplastica : Case report and literature review

109-112 Nasser Al-Busaidi, Dolly Dhuliya, Zulfikar Habibullah

Retrograde (fundus first) Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Situs Inversus Totalis

113-115 Turky Maeed Elbeshry, Wagih Mommtaz Ghnnam

Weak Radial Artery Pulse : An unusual congenital cause

116-119 Poothirikovil Venugopalan, Puthuval Sivakumar, Robert G. Ardley, Crispian Oates

Infective Endocarditis of the Aortic Valve caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Treated Medically in a Patient on Haemodialysis

120-123 Kowthar S. Hassan, Dawood Al-Riyami

Global Aphasia without Hemiparesis A neuroradiologic correlation

124-125 Ramachandiran Nandhagopal

Re: Acute Coronary Syndrome, Diabetes and Hypertension

126-128 Moeness Moustafa Alshishtawy

Re: Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever presenting as Acute Abdomen

129-130 Viroj Wiwanitkit