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Mobile computing technology has an enormous potential in civil engineering, mainly in the field of construction management. This paper presents an approach by using mobile computing in a civil engineering construction project, exploring how information can be exchanged at a construction site, and how billing of quantities (BOQ), drawings and specifications are shared for the benefit of the project. One of the major obstacles in using information technology (IT) when applied to civil engineering is due to the dynamic changes in the construction activities and the diversity of construction methods as compared to other industries. This has proved to be a great disadvantage when trying to give construction sites adequate IT support. Computers require infrastructure, which can be transferred easily to the head office, but rarely to the construction site itself in a systematic way. Therefore, the impact of IT on the way the construction industry actually works has not been significantly utilized. This paper consists of two main parts. The first part defines the concept of mobile computing, describes some recent research, and stresses the potential for the construction industry. The second part is focuses on an approach, implementing mobile computing in a real construction site.



Mobile computing Networking Personal digital assistant (PDA) Site Soil

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Jadid, M., & Idress, M. (2005). Using Mobile Computing and Information Technology in Civil Engineering Construction Projects. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 2(1), 25–31.


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