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A new compact microstrip slot antenna with Y-shaped coupling aperture is proposed. This antenna is based on a rectangular form with a microstrip fed line for excitation, and consists of slots on the edge of the radiation patch to provide dual-band operation. The design and simulation of the antenna were performed using CST Microwave Studio simulator. A prototype of the proposed antenna has been constructed and tested. In order to validate the return loss of the prototype antenna, the experimental results are presented. The results show two available bands with –10 dB band S at 2.7 GHz and band C at 5 GHz. Also, good radiation performance and antenna gain over the two frequency ranges have been obtained. Computation results confirm the experimental findings.



Microstrip antenna Dual band antenna Slot antenna CST microwave studio simulator.

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Wali, R., Ghnimi, S., Hand, A., & Razban, T. (2014). Analysis and Design of a New Dual Band Microstrip Patch Antenna Based on Slot Matching Y-Shaped. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 11(2), 89–97.


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