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This paper focuses on delivering an effective performance qualification (PQ) control strategy for a grid connected photovoltaic (PV) system. A PV-based distributed generation system with a capacity of 10 kilo volt amps (kVA) was connected to the utility side of a power grid operating at 415 V. The power grid was modelled with a capacity of 100 kVA, 11 kV, and 100 km transmission line length. The PQ control strategy was implemented with three hysteresis-based current control techniques. To overcome the drawbacks of conventional hysteresis-control techniques, adaptive tuning of the hysteresis band was carried out, and a vector-based hysteresis current control is proposed to improve the results.



PQ control PV-based distribution grid system Vector-based hysteresis current control Adaptive hysteresis current control Conventional hysteresis current control.

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Rajini, V. (2014). Investigations on Hysteresis-Based Current Control Techniques for Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 12(1), 32–43.


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