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A prototype for an expert system in road construction material selection system, which is based on the outcomes of Friedman and multiple comparisons statistical methods was developed. The outcomes were acquired through questionnaires from selected pavement experts. The factors affecting pavement materials under each particular site condition were incorporated into the specific rules of the system. The system knowledge-base was extracted from the statistical testing outcomes and then rearranged and compiled prior to the development of the system. Visual Basic 6.0 was adopted as the programming tool for development of the system, while the knowledge-base of the separate system was kept in Microsoft Access 2000. The prototype expert system can be used to emulate part of the professional reasoning capabilities based on the knowledge of a pavement expert or a specialist to solve problems on materials selection. The system can help road designers to improve their professional ability to evaluate all available materials even before carrying out any laboratory tests.


Material selection Expert system Pavement Road construction

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Hassim, S., Teh, K., Muniandy, R., Omar, H., & Hassan, A. (2007). A Prototype Expert System for the Selection of Road Construction Materials. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 4(1), 1–10.


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