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In this paper, a compact microstrip bandpass filter is designed using two open loop resonators. In order to obtain a tunable bandpass response with low insertion loss, two stubs are loaded inside them. The design process is based on obtaining the input admittance. Then, using the input admittance, a method is presented to control the resonance frequency and miniaturization simultaneously. The obtained insertion loss and the return loss at the resonance frequency are 0.1 dB and 19.7 dB respectively. To verify the design method, the proposed filter is fabricated and measured. The measured results are in good agreement with the simulated results.


Microstrip filter Tunable Miniaturization Insertion loss.

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Rezaei, A., & Noori, L. (2018). Tuning the Resonance Frequency and Miniaturization of a Novel Microstrip Bandpass Filter. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 15(2), 124–128.


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