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In this paper, an analytical model for PV panels and arrays based on extracted physical parameters of solar cells is developed. The proposed model has the advantage of simplifying mathematical modelling for different configurations of cells and panels without losing efficiency of PV system operation. The effects of external parameters, mainly temperature and solar irradiance have been considered in the modelling. Due to their critical effects on the operation of the panel, effects of series and shunt resistances were also studied. The developed analytical model has been easily implemented, simulated and validated using both Spice and Matlab packages for different series and parallel configurations of cells and panels. The results obtained with these two programs are in total agreement, which make the proposed model very useful for researchers and designers for quick and accurate sizing of PV panels and arrays.



Photovoltaic cell Solar cell PV system PV panel Analytical modelling

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Bourdoucen, H., & Gastli, A. (2007). Analytical Modelling and Simulation of Photovoltaic Panels and Arrays. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 4(1), 75–81.


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