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              The present work investigates the effect of the type of carbon precursor on the adsorptive proficiency of as-prepared carbon nanomaterials (CNMs) for the removal of methylene blue dye (MB) from aqueous media. A comparison study was applied to assess the growth of CNMs from the decomposition of methane (CNMY1) and acetylene (CNMY2) using response surface methodology with central composite design (RSM/CCD). The produced nanomaterials were characterized using FESEM, EDX, TEM, BET surface area, Raman, TGA, FTIR, and zeta potential. The as-prepared adsorbent displayed different morphologies and under the experimental conditions, 10 mg of CNMY1 and CNMY2 was responsible for 97.7 % and 96.80% removal of dye. The maximum adsorptive uptake predicted by Langmuir isotherm was about 250 and 174 mg/g for CNMY1 and CNMY2, respectively. The as-synthesized carbon nanomaterial in this study could be explored as a great potential candidate for dye-bearing wastewater treatment.


Carbon nanomaterials Chemical vapor deposition Adsorption Dyes Response surface methodology

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Haiyam Alayan, The University of Technology- Baghdad

Chemical engineering department. Senior lcturer
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Alayan, H., Aljumaily, M. M., Alsaadi, M. A., & Hashim, M. A. (2020). Probing the Effect of Gaseous Hydrocarbon Precursors on the Adsorptive Efficiency of Synthesized Carbon-based Nanomaterials. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 17(1), 47–58.


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