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Construction projects are unique and influenced by many external and internal factors hindering the efficiencies of operations. Different construction companies may have different influencing productivity factors depending on the company’s scale. Large construction companies have better resource management systems than the construction small and medium enterprises (SME). The construction SMEs work in small scale projects, and the amount and type of the required resources are different from the large construction companies. Therefore, identifying the factors affecting construction productivity is essential to determine the best action to avoid any unforeseen productivity reduction. This study aims to rank the most influencing productivity factors in small and medium construction (SME) companies. A questionnaire survey was used to collect data from small and medium construction companies registered in Oman Tender Board. The relative importance index (RII) was used to evaluate the responses. Sixty-five companies out of the 207 targeted population participated in the survey. It was found that - incomplete drawings and drawing omissions, poor site condition and management, delay in payment, unavailability of proper tools and equipment, and workers absenteeism and turnover were found as the top factors that influence construction productivity.

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Al Alawi, M. K., Al Abdali, A. ., Al Shahri, M. ., & Altawil, S. (2022). PRODUCTIVITY FACTORS IN CONSTRUCTION SMES IN OMAN- EXPLORATION STUDY. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 19(1), 33–40.