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This study investigates the overall comfort and productivity of Japanese office workers in mixed-mode office buildings. The indoor thermal environment is adjusted using the air-conditioning in Japanese office buildings to maintain thermal comfort and productivity. Thus, it is necessary to research thermal comfort and productivity to understand how occupants prepare themselves to be at a comfortable temperature and perform their daily tasks under mixed-mode (MM) and free-running (FR) modes. Environmental parameters such as air temperature, relative humidity, and so on were measured in 17 Japanese office buildings with the help of digital instruments, and thermal comfort transverse surveys were conducted for two years in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Odawara of Japan. The data were collected every once a month for a day visiting each building with the measurement instruments, together with the questionnaires. Almost 3000 votes were collected. This paper evaluates the overall comfort discussions followed by how the occupant could achieve their productivity. The occupants were found to be thermally comfortable and productive in the office. The most suitable comfortable temperature range for MM mode was found to be 22–26 °C and 23–25 °C for FR mode. The workers' productivity range is defined by the globe temperature range of 21–27 °C for MM and 20–27 °C for FR mode. The findings should be useful to suggest that whenever new office buildings are designed, these factors always need to be taken into consideration.

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Khadka, S., Shrestha, M., & Rijal, H. B. (2022). INVESTIGATION OF THE THERMAL COMFORT AND PRODUCTIVITY IN JAPANESE MIXED-MODE OFFICE BUILDINGS. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 19(1), 63–72.