Tuning of SVC Stabilizers over a Wide Range of Load Parameters Using Pole-Placement Technique

K. Ellithy


This paper investigates the effect of typical load model parameters on the static var compensator (SVC) stabilizers tuning. A proportional-Integral (PI) type stabilizer is considered and its gain-settings are tuned using the pole-placement technique to improve the damping of power systems. Tuning of SVC stabilizers (damping controllers) traditionally assumes that the system loads are voltage dependent with fixed parameters. However, the load parameters are generally uncertain. This uncertain behavior of the load parameters can de-tune the gains of the stabilizer; consequently the SVC stabilizer with fixed gain-settings can be adequate for some load parameters but contrarily can reduce system damping and contribute to system instability with loads having other parameters. The effect of typical load model parameters on the tuning gains of the SVC PI stabilizer is examined and it is found the load parameters have a considerable influence on the tuning gains. The time domain simulations performed on the system show that the SVC stabilizer tuned at fixed load parameters reduce the system damping under other load parameters and could lead system instability.



Load model parameters, SVC stabilizer, Pole-placement

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24200/tjer.vol5iss1pp71-78


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