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Chemical risk is considered one of the most frequent risks in the workplace, affecting the safety of workers continuously exposed to chemical substances. In addition, it can have an environmental impact and cause an explosion when unacceptable conditions are met. To know the effects of chemical risks and how to prevent them, this study is proposed, the main objective of which is the evaluation of chemical hazards and the proposal of an action plan to avoid this kind of risk in industrial companies. Our case study focused on the crude oil production company " PERTAMINA" using the SEIRICH software. The results indicate that most chemicals are hazardous and can cause serious harm to workers exposed to them periodically. Therefore, the proposed preventive action plan for safety improvement aims to ensure continuous development in oil and gas field production, processing, and distribution, taking into account the health and safety of workers.

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Chettouh, S., & Arif, S. (2023). Chemical Risk Assessment and Prevention Action Plan Related to Petroleum Production. Case Study of Laboratory and Storage Units in an Algerian Oil and Gas Company. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 20(1), 73–84.