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This study delves into the potential of using modified sabkha soil, a low-quality material, as a cost-effective solution for road construction in Kuwait, a country grappling with resource limitations. The research evaluates the effects of adding different percentages of bitumen (0%, 4%, 8%, and 10%) to sabkha soil samples, specifically looking at their load-bearing capacity under long-term soaking conditions. The findings indicate that adding up to 8% bitumen enhances the soil's geotechnical properties and its load-bearing capacity. However, any further addition leads to a decline in these properties. Importantly, the soil's load capacity shows significant improvement under soaked conditions. These encouraging laboratory results suggest that utilizing waste sabkha soil could pave the way for effective soil waste management techniques, thereby addressing environmental concerns related to sabkha soil disposal.

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AL-OTAIBI, F. . A. (2023). Effects of Long-Term Soaking on the Load-Bearing Capacity of Bitumen-Treated Saline Sabkha Soil Subgrade. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 20(1), 23–32.