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In this paper, a Long-Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) Modified Best Channel Quality Indicator (M-BCQI) Scheduler is proposed for enhanced cell edge throughput performance. The scheduling algorithm utilizes two time slots, each of 0.5 ms in length, with the First Time Slot (FTS) implemented with the Best Channel Quality Indicator (BCQI) algorithm has a CQI-focused Resource Block (RB) allocation mechanism, while the Robin (RR) algorithm is the mechanism used in the Second Time Slot (STS) for RB allocation. Vienna LTE system level simulator was used for the proposed scheduling algorithm assessment. The results obtained showed significant improvement, indicating 44% superior cell edge performance and 56 % better fairness index in comparison to BCQI. However, M-BCQI slightly underperformed by 4.2% in terms of average throughput in comparison to BCQI and by 7% in comparison to RR in terms of fairness index.

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Ekpo, E.-O., UDOFIA, K., & Obot , A. (2024). Modified Best Channel Quality Indicator Scheduler for Heterogeneous LTE-A Network. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 20(2), 123–129.