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Electricity market players prioritize available transfer capability (ATC) as an attractive solution. Market participants can gain a financial advantage through accurate and fast ATC solutions. In order to provide a suitable and valuable solution, we use differential load flow equations. A dynamic system's entire time-domain trajectory can be solved by this method, along with a fictional time-domain differential equation. This article uses Newton-Raphson-Seydel instead of Newton-Raphson, which can also be used to determine voltage stability. A variable frequency transformer (VFT) was used in this study to increase and control transmission power. A 50% time saving on small systems was achieved with the proposed method, which was applied to seven different systems. In addition, it performed better on large systems by more than 90%. This proposal for static ATC presents promising results and can be applied to online applications.

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Eidiani, M. (2023). A Quick and Comprehensive Method for Determining Static ATC with NRS and VFT. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 20(1), 45–51.