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Risk analysis is crucial in industrial conception. HAZOP is the top risk analysis method for the oil and gas sector. This paper presents a semi-automatic method to address HAZOP's limitations and produce automatic results. The method uses a knowledge base, initially filled with gas liquefaction data, and is enhanced with subsequent case studies. An inference engine processes this data to conduct a HAZOP study. Propagation rules identify potential deviation paths, enabling risk analysis and consequence prediction based on the knowledge base. This method uniquely illustrates deviation paths and introduces nodes along these paths for further study. The findings derive from dynamic knowledge of each system in the knowledge base and can be reviewed and amended by experts.

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boutadjine, soufyane, Mourad korichi, & Ilyas sellami. (2023). HAZard and OPerability Study Analysis as a Semi-Automatic Approach. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 20(1), 52–72.