Waste Plastic-Modified Bitumen: Rheological Study

Mahmoud Abdel-Goad


Bitumen blends were prepared for road applications by the introduction of 9% of waste Polyethylene by weight (9 wt%). The relaxation stress, relaxation and retardation spectrum and viscosity of bitumen blends were studied at different temperatures and compared to those of the original pure bitumen. These properties were tested using an ARESRheometer (Rheometric Scientific, Co.) equipment. The measurements were performed in the dynamic mode, plate-plate geometry of 8 mm diameter over the temperature range from -10 to 60°C and angular frequency (ω) varied from 10-1 to 102 radian/s. The relaxation stress and viscosity were modified by the addition of waste PE. The results also indicate that the incorporation of the waste PE enhances stability of the bitumen blends.



Bitumen, Waste plastics, Relaxation stress, Relaxation spectrum, Viscosity

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24200/tjer.vol6iss1pp76-81


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