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 The steady state creep in Al- SiCP composite cylinder subjected to internal pressure was investigated. The creep behavior of the material were described by threshold stress based creep law by assuming a stress exponent of 5. The effect of size and content of the reinforcement (SiCP ), and operating temperature on the stresses and strain rates in the composite cylinder were investigated. The stresses in the cylinder did not have significant variation with varying size and content of the reinforcement, and operating temperature. However, the tangential as well as radial strain rates in the cylinder could be reduced to a significant extent by decreasing size of SiCP, increasing the content of SiCP and decreasing operating temperature.



Cylinder Creep Composite Internal pressure Modeling

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Singh, T., & Gupta, V. (2009). Effect of Material Parameters on Steady State Creep in a Thick Composite Cylinder Subjected to Internal Pressure. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 6(2), 20–32.


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