Vector Directional Distance Rational Hybrid Filters for Color Image Restoration

L. Khriji


A new class of nonlinear filters, called vector-directional distance rational hybrid filters (VDDRHF) for multispectral image processing, is introduced and applied to color image-filtering problems. These filters are based on rational functions (RF). The VDDRHF filter is a two-stage filter, which exploits the features of the vector directional distance filter (VDDF), the center weighted vector directional distance filter (CWVDDF) and those of the rational operator. The filter output is a result of vector rational function (VRF) operating on the output of three sub-functions. Two vector directional distance (VDDF) filters and one center weighted vector directional distance filter (CWVDDF) are proposed to be used in the first stage due to their desirable properties, such as, noise attenuation, chromaticity retention, and edges and details preservation. Experimental results show that the new VDDRHF outperforms a number of widely known nonlinear filters for multi-spectral image processing such as the vector median filter (VMF), the generalized vector directional filters (GVDF) and distance directional filters (DDF) with respect to all criteria used.



Rational functions, Vector rational filters, Vector median filters, Vector directional distance filters

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