Published: Mar 28, 2017

Conformity of Physical Characteristics of Imported Tires with Government Standards: A Case Study

1-6 N.T. Ratrout, S. Anwar Basha, H. I. Al-Abdul Wahhab, K. A. Al-Ofi

Facility Location for Solid Waste Management through Compilation and Multicriterial Ranking of Optimal Decentralised Scenarios: A Case Study for the Region of Peloponesse in Southern Greece

7-18 A. Karagiannidis, G. Perkoulidis, N. Moussiopoulos, M. Chrysochoou

Performance Modification of Asphalt Binders using Thermoplastic Polymers

19-28 H. I. Al-Abdul Wahhab, I. Abaker

Pavement Stripping in Saudi Arabia: Prediction and Prevention

29-38 H.I. Al-Abdul Wahhab, I.M. Asi, S.A. Ali, S. Al-Swailmi, A. Al-Nour

A New Approach to Simplifying Boolean Functions

39-45 A. H. M. Ashfak Habib, Md. Abdus Salam, Zia Nadir, Hemen Goswami

Experimental Investigation of an Indirect Evaporative Cooler Consisting of a Heat Pipe Embedded in Porous Ceramic

46-52 S. Riffat, J. Zhu

Laboratory Evaluation of Ground Tire Rubber in Stone Mastic Asphalt

53-58 R. Muniandy, A. A. Selim, S. Hassim, H. Omar

Plastic Deformation of Thin Plates Subjected to Quasi-Static and Dynamic Loadings

59-74 A. A.N. Aljawi