Published: Apr 1, 2017

Simulation Study on Multipassed Welding Distortion of Combined Joint Types using Thermo-Elastic-Plastic FEM

1-16 RN Lidam, HPM Yupiter, MR Redza, MR Rahim, MS Sulaiman, MY Zakaria, G Tham, SK Abasa, E Haruman, CY Chau

Reactive Power based Model Reference Neural Learning Adaptive System for Speed Estimation in Sensor-less Induction Motor Drives

17-26 K Sedhuraman, S Himavathi, A Muthuramalingam

Simulation of Solar Radiation Incident on Horizontal and Inclined Surfaces

27-35 MA Basunia, H Yoshio, T Abe

Comparative Study on Impacts of Power Curve Model on Capacity Factor Estimation of Pitch-Regulated Turbines

36-45 MH Albadi, EF El-Saadany

Optimizing Maintenance Planning in the Production Industry Using the Markovian Approach

46-63 B Kareem, HA Owolabi

Development of Stand Alone Application Tool for Processing and Quality Measurement of Weld Imperfection Image Captured by μ-Focused Digital Radiography Using MATLAB- Based Graphical User Interface

64-79 PZ Nadila, YHP Manurung, SA Halim, SK Abas, G Tham, E Haruman, M Mokhtar, Z Awaldin

RBF Neural Network Approach for Identification and Control of DC Motors

80-89 EA Feilat, EK Ma'aita

Effects of Copper Slag as a Replacement for Fine Aggregate on the Behavior and Ultimate Strength of Reinforced Concrete Slender Columns