Published: Apr 1, 2017

A General Ritz Algorithm for Static Analysis of Arbitrary Laminated Composite Plates using First Order Shear Deformation Theory

1-12 RF Rango, FJ Bellomo, LG Nallim

Effect of Mineral Filler Type and Particle Size on the Engineering Properties of Stone Mastic Asphalt Pavements

13-32 R Muniandy, E Aburkaba, R Taha

Mobility Assisted Sensor Node Self-Deployment for Maximizing the Coverage of Wireless Sensor Networks using A Genetic Algorithm

33-45 VV Juli, J Raja

A New Scheme for Crack Growth Modeling by Coupling Modified Quarter Point Crack-Tip Element and the Level Set Method


Selection and Assessment of Passive Cooling Techniques for Residential Buildings in Oman Using a Bioclimatic Approach

52-68 N Al-Azri, YH Zurigat, N Al-Rawahi

Solution Methods for the Periodic Petrol Station Replenishment Problem


Analysis on Development of Transverse - Sectioned Weld Zone using FEM Verified with Multipulsed Resistance Seam Welding

78-86 N Muhammad, YHP Manurang*

Comparison of Interleaved Boost Converter Configurations for Solar Photovoltaic System Interface

87-98 R Ramaprabha, K Balaji, SB Raj, VD Logeshwaran