Published: Apr 1, 2017

Arginine-Amino Acid Interactions and Implications to Protein Solubility and Aggregation

1-14 A. R. Shaikh, D. Shah

Dynamics of a Carriage System of Comparator for Calibrating the Line Standards of Length

15-21 A. Kilikevičius, V. Vekteris, V. Mokšin

Efficient Desalination of Brackish Ground Water via a Novel Capacitive Deionization Cell Using Nanoporous Activated Carbon Cloth Electrodes

22-31 K. Laxman, M.T.Z Myint, M. Al Abri, L. Al-Gharibi, B. Al Namani, H. Bourdoucen, J. Dutta

Variation in Methane Concentration Produced from Anaerobically Digested Vegetables

32-40 H. Mousa, M. Silwadi

Kinetics and Mechanism of Bulk Polymerization of Vinyl Chloride in a Polymerization Reactor

41-50 A. S. Ibrahim, Y. A. Ali, H. M. Saad, I. H. Amur

Loss Reduction in Isolated Rural Area Distribution Network Using Photovoltaic System

51-59 M. H. Albadi, N.A. Al-Mashaikhi, S. Al-Hinai, R. S. Al-Abri, A.S. Al-Hinai, Q.K. Al-Aamri, A.A. Al-Mazidi, M.S. Al-Gafri

Drag Reduction Properties of Nanofluids in Microchannels

60-67 H.A. Abdulbari, F.L.W. Ming

Overdesign of Villa Structures in Oman

68-76 A.S. Alnuaimi, M. Al Mohsin, A. Hago, S. El Gamal