Published: Nov 7, 2018

Technical Loss Reduction in Rural Areas - The Case of Saih Al Khairat

102-113 Mohammed Albadi, Ahmed Al-Maghdri, Amir Al-Hinai, Ehab El-Saadany, Mahmood Sabih Awlad Thani, Salem Mohammed Al-Hinai, Almoataz Al-Jabri, Khalid Al-Azani, Assad Al-Maqrashi

Evaluation of Actual Creep Length Under Heading up Structures Aprons

114-123 Mohamed El-Molla, Naveen Y Saad, Gada S Ezizah

Tuning the Resonance Frequency and Miniaturization of a Novel Microstrip Bandpass Filter

124-128 Abbas Rezaei, Leila Noori

Variant Developments of Typical Meteorological Years (TMYs) for Seeb, Oman and their Impact on Energy Simulation of Residential Buildings

129-141 Nasser Al-Azri, Saleh Al-Saadi

Virtual Casting: State of the Art in Metal Casting Simulation Tools

142-154 Muhammad A.A. Khan, Anwar k Sheikh

Numerical Assessment of Electromagnetic Radiated Emissions from an UWB Radiators Located Inside Metallic Enclosures with Small Air-Flow Openings

155-162 Mohammed M Bait-Suwailm, Boudelliou A Boudelliou, Naser Al-Tarhuni

Electromagnetic Heating Effects in Power Distribution Cables under Different Operating Conditions

163-174 Mohamme Eladawy, Ibrahim A Metwally