Published: Apr 1, 2017

Estimating Drilling Cost and Duration Using Copulas Dependencies Models

1-9 M. Al Kindi, M. Al-Lawati, N. Al-Azri

Out of Axis Movement of an AUV inside a Water Pipeline

10-22 M. Moonesun, A. Mahdian, Y.M. Korol, A. Brazhko

Strengthening of Historical Stone Masonry Buildings in Oman using Textile Reinforced Mortars

23-38 A.H. Al-Saidy, A.W. Hago, S. El-Gamal, M. Dawood

Quantitative Analysis of Force and Torque in Bone Drilling

39-48 K. Alam, R. Muhammad, A. Shamsuzzoha, A. AlYahmadi, N. Ahmed

Development of a System Model for Determining Optimal Personnel Interaction Strategy in a Production Industry

49-63 B. Kareem, A. Adekiigbe

Storage of Nitrous Oxide (NOx) in Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas using Alumina-Based Catalysts: Preparation, Characterization, and Testing


Performance Comparison of Digital Circuits Using Subthreshold Leakage Power Reduction Techniques

74-84 B. Kalagadda, N. Muthyala, K.K. Korlapati

Mathematical Model Describes Treatment of Waste Water Using Modified Activated Carbon

94-104 A.S. Ibrahim, A.S. AL Buloshi, S.S. AL Zaabi, L.A. AL Yafai

A Comparative Study on Energy Derived from Biomass

85-93 A.M. Algarny, I.M. Al-Naimi, M.A.M Alhefnawy