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This study aimed to utilize spectral indices in investigating the current drought of Taiff district in the 26 years (1984-2010). The study relies on processing and analysing of satellite data through several professional computer programs including ER Mapper, ERDAS and ArcGIS, where several spectral indices were used to evaluate the extent of the drought. The indices used in this study are OSAVI, VCI, TCI and VHI. Considering the results of the study, the indices: VIC, TCI, VHI and OSAVI which generally illustrate the deterioration in the ecosystem in the study area that can be considered now in a critical state. This study also contributes to building a data base and maps about drought condition and its extent based upon pixel size, sectors, and the area as a whole during the period of 1984-2011.



Drought the western parts of the Taif spectral indices remote sensing.

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