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Carl Czerny (1791-1857) was a composer and music educator who made nearly a thousand musical compositions. He was a piano performer, a teacher of the instrument and a theorist. His achievements in the field of education are considered a solid foundation to teach beginners and skilled performers. The study aims to shed some light on the educational point of view of Carl Czerny from a theoretical analytical perspective, in addition to highlighting the principles and methods developed by him that can provide and help both students and teachers to achieve their goals more effectively. The study brings out Czerny’s ideas, theories and methodology of teaching music in general, and learning to play the piano in particular. The researchers studied the most important educational principles developed by Carl Czerny in which he saw a basis for the process of learning to play the Instrument, and they managed to elaborate the methodology he created.



Czerny Music education Methods of piano teaching Piano performance

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