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This study aims at shedding some light on the images of women in some feminist novels known as Feminist Literature. The research depicts a number of Arabic feminist writers concentrating on the structure of Feminist Literature generally, and Arabic women writers specifically. The study examines the characters, the narrative angle and the narrative sequence and its objective sensitivity at three levels: the woman as an author, a narrator, and the artistic character dealing with issues of justice, liberty and equality with man, considering the various humanitarian models: the striver, the lover and the educated within the borders of the forbidden, the fear, and the limitations. The popularity of Feminist Literature is one of the issues of modernity in the Arab world. The role of Jordanian women writers is apparent in literature. Their creative works compete with those of dominant men in terms of imagery and artistic presence. The inner persona of the woman writer is dominant even though her work represents a realistic view. The problematic issue of writing for women writers seems to be plunged in paradox and sharp in its novelistic representation. The novelistic modules studied indicate the success the Arab woman writer achieved in terms of the use of artistic tools, and the ability to confront and reveal the untold. Although the feminists’ novels seem to dwell in an anxious environment, they represent an arena of conflict representing the artistic and living realities.



Novel Feminist Writing Women The Other’s Image.

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