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The current study aims to explore the role of the Open Art Studio in encouraging university students to practice arts. It seeks to answer the following main research questions: What is the role of the Open Art Studio in enhancing university-students’ life in terms of educational, sociological and physiological aspects? The findings of the study show the importance of practicing art activities in the Open Art Studio in enhancing university-students’ life as well as analyzing the integrating role of the educational, physiological and sociological of practicing art in the Open Art Studio. This study ended with some important recommendations such as the importance of higher educational institutions in encouraging students’ participation in practicing all types of arts activities and supporting them and offering incentives, the necessity of art specialists participating at universities in planning policy of outside classrooms activities and supervising these activities according to their specializations, and allocating some time in the study timetable for practicing extracurricular activities in all university disciplines. Finally, it recommends the need to further study the difficulties behind the university students’ limited number of visits to Open Art Studios.



Open Art Studio Art Activities Higher Education.

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