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This study aims to explore the interdisciplinary research and courses of the Department of Information Studies (DIS) at Sultan Qaboos University with other disciplines in the university, and to explore its impact on the management and development of various academic programs of the department. To achieve this objective, the study utilized qualitative research methods such as: content analysis of documents, written plans, and course syllabi of the department and open interviews with faculty members to identify kinds of relations with other scientific disciplines they seek when building their academic programs. The study revealed that the interdisciplinary relations of the department exist in all its programs. The DIS PhD program was initiated as an interdisciplinary program in cooperation with departments of Information Systems, Management, and Computer Science. Further, the interdisciplinary path of the Masters’ program is clearly seen in the variation of topics that dissertations have discussed, which include human resources, marketing, bibliometric studies, social media, e-government, information literacy, manuscripts, and technology acceptance. The Higher Diploma in Medical Libraries is directed towards qualifying specialist librarians for health and medical libraries. Students admitted in this program are usually selected from those who apply from biology and health sciences. Lastly, in the undergraduate level, DIS provides the bachelor of Learning Resource Centers in Faculty of Education with number of specialized courses. In the main time there are many electives and required courses from different disciplines that are included in the department’s undergraduate study plan.



Interdisciplinary Studies Information Studies Library and Information Science Scientific Communication.

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