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The Effecting Factors in The Mass Media in the Sultanate of Oman: A field study on Omani Journalists This study aimed to look into the most important factors that affect the media in Oman; such as the Press and Publications Law (1984), Finance and Advertising as well as social environments such as cultural aspects. In order to answer the study questions, the researcher applied a questionnaire to more than 200 media professionals to find out journalists’ attitudes towards obstacles affecting media content in newsrooms within media establishments in the country The study concluded that; the Press and Publications law control all mass media content. Findings from the questionnaire points that this law is no longer suitable for the media in Oman, which has witnessed some development in recent years. Journalists’ self-censorship is one of the most serious problem affecting the development of the Omani media The study reveals a lack of adequate salary of broadcasters and journalists The study also points that local newspapers dedicate more space for advertising rather than cultural articles. The study found that social environments such as cultural aspects, perspectives towards media professionals do not create a good media-working environment in Oman.



Mass Communication- Journalism- Mass media- Omani media - Omani Journaalists.

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