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This study aimed to identify the level of using Information storage strategies for
memorizing the Qur'an by the koranic school students in light of the variables: Gender, academic level, and age. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used descriptive approach. The researcher applied a questionnaire of his design after confirming its psychometric properties on a sample of 82 students, including 40 males and 42 females within koranic schools in the city of Batna Algeria, for the academic year 2014/2015. The results showed the koranic school students use regulatory, cognitive, and emotional strategies respectively to save the koran and that the level of using of these strategies was 74,3%. The results also showed a statistically significant differences in the level of using these strategies due to gender. Cognitive and organizational strategies came in favor of females while emotional strategy came in favor of males. The results showed also statistically significant differences in the level of using these strategies in favor of the school level (secondary, and university) within cognitive and organizational strategies. No statistically significant differences was found among the sample in regard to age.


Memory storage of information strategies The Holy Quran the city of Batna.

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