The Possibility of Determining the Level of Performance in the Faculty of Education at Kuwait University Using the ‘Balanced Scorecard’ from the Perspective of Faculty Members

Sultan G. Aldaihani


This study aimed to identify the possibility of determining the level of performance in the Faculty of Education at Kuwait University using the ‘Balanced Scorecard’ from the point of view of faculty members. The study used the descriptive methodology through a tool which was applied to (98) faculty members in the College of Education at Kuwait University. The results showed that the ‘vision and action strategies’ have obtained an average performance, while the rest of the dimensions were of poor performance. There were statistically significant differences due to educational degree in favor of professors, and years of experience in favor of 21 years and above. The level of performance about the vision and action strategies can be predicted in the College of Education based on the level of performance using the ‘Balanced Scorecard’. The effect of the domain ‘the internal operations’ was statistically insignificant and was less influential on the ‘vision and action strategies’; while ‘the financial management’ was the highest in impact. In conclusion, the study proposed some important recommendations and suggestions.


Performance level, balanced scorecard, descriptive method, college of education.

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