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The current study aimed at exploring the relationship between self-regulated learning strategies and self-efficiency, and it investigated the possibility of predicting self-efficiency by self-regulated learning strategies. It also explored wether there is a significant difference in both self-regulated learning’s strategies and self-efficiency according to the academic specialization (Health, Science and Humanities) in a sample of joint first year at King Saud University. The sample consisted of (342) female students who were chosen by stratified cluster sampling, and the descriptive method was adopted (both correlative and comparative). Two scales were used: Self-Regulated Learning Scale developed by Purdie, translated by Ahmad 2007, and Self-Efficiency Scale developed by Abdulqader and Abu Hisham. The researcher tested the reliability and credibility of both scales and their applicability in the Saudi environment. The results showed that there was a positive significant relationship between self-regulated learning’s strategies and the dimensions of self-efficiency among the joint first year students in King Saud University. Moreover, the results of regression analysis showed that self-efficiency can be predicted by self-regulated learning strategies. The result also showed that there was no significant difference in self-regulated learning’s strategies according to the academic specialization (Health, Science and Humanities). Also, the result showed a significant difference in self-efficiency and its sub dimensions according to the academic specialization (Health, Science and Humanities) for the favor of the students of Health specialization. Based on the study results, the researchers recommended employing self-regulated learning strategies in the educational process at universities since it contributes to enhancing self-efficiency and improving academic performance


self-regulated learning self-efficiency joint first year students King Saud University التعلُّم المُنظَّم ذاتيًا فاعلية الذات طالبات السنة الأولى المشتركة جامعة الملك سعود

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