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Abstract: The study aimed to examine higher education institutions readiness for future skills and jobs as per vision 2040. Moreover, the challenges associated with these skills and jobs identified ending up with a number of suggestions to address those difficulties. The study used a qualitative approach in which interviews were conducted to collect data. The study sample consisted of 9 leaders of higher education and 5 experts. According to the results, the degree of readiness was moderate. The results also showed a number of challenges in styles of teaching and learning, learning environment’s and human resources.  The study ended up with some suggestions related to students, lecturers, curriculum and industrial and international cooperation.


المهارات المستقبلية الوظائف المستقبلية مؤسسات التعليم العالي رؤية عُمَان 2040 future skills future jobs higher education institutions Oman 2040 vision

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