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Abstract: Emotional facial expressions are a crucial non-verbal communication skill for humans’ interactions. The current study assessed the impact of sex on emotional face recognition. A total of 125 individuals per-formed an online emotional face recognition task. The stimuli were created recutting male and female Saudi volunteers. Results showed that, except of the male participants having faster responses compared to females in general, no main significant differences between the sex group in accuracy nor any significant interaction between participant sex and the sex of the faces. Our findings suggests that the effect of sex on emotional face recognition needs further investigation with well calibrated stimuli. Limitations and the direction of future research in this area were discussed.


التعابير الانفعالية الوجوه مهمة التعرف ادراك الوجوه زمن الاستجابة الفروق بين الجنسين facial expressions emotional faces sex differences accuracy response time recognition task

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