Degree of Organizational Loyalty among Kuwait University Faculty

Maryam Ahmad Abdullah Al-Mazkour


The study aimed to measure the degree of organizational loyalty among faculty members at Kuwait University. The study used analytical descriptive survey method, and developed a questionnaire comprising (20) items which was administered to a sample comprising (183) faculty members. The study revealed that the degree of organizational loyalty is medium with a mean (3.01). Also, the study revealed no statistically significant differences among the respondents due to the study variables: gender, nationality, age, years of experience, type of college, and academic rank. In the light of these results, the study provided a number of practical recommendations and suggestions for further studies, i.e. instilling the spirit of teamwork and responsibility towards the university and nation, evaluating the performance of faculty members, promoting organizational loyalty by holding training courses, deepening religious awareness, paying more attention to factors that regulate work environment, conducting similar studies in other institutions, and other studies to reveal the relationship of organizational loyalty with personal characteristics, job satisfaction, and organizational justice.



Organizational Loyalty – Faculty Member – Kuwait University.

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