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This study aimed at constructing a scale to measurethe 10th grade students attitudes toward vocational work. To achieve the objectives of the study, an initial pool of 96 items was constructed using a 5-point Likert scale. The scale was first administered to a pilot sample of students and then reviewed by a jury of experts. The number of the resulting items was 68. The scale was then administered to a sample of 536 male and female students. The results revealed that 46 items obey the assumptions of the rating scale model derived from Rasch model (one of the Item Response Theory Models which is suitable for the scale used) . The results also showed that the 46-item scale in its final form was unidimensional and characterized by appropriate psychometric properties; the value of the reliability coefficients were 0.98 and 0.93 for the persons and for the items of the scale respectively. In addition, the scale provides large amount of information about individuals with medium ability (θ=b) which fits the assumptions of the model.



Attitudes Scale Vocational Work Item Response Theory Rasch Model Rating Scale Model.

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