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This study aims at investigating the perceptions of science teachers in Omani Basic Education schools regarding the difficulties they face in using creative teaching methods in the classrooms. The sample comprised 130 science teachers of basic education schools in the governorates of Muscat and the Interior. For the purpose of the study a 42-item questionnaire covering five domains – teacher, student, subject, school administration and other difficulties – was developed and administered by the researcher. The validity of the questionnaire was checked by a panel of experts and practitioners in science: Cronbach alpha reliability coefficient was found to be 0.923. Results revealed that the main difficulties that teachers encounter when using creative teaching methods are: exclusion of topics that may promote creativity from textbook content, inadequate pre- and in-service training, discouraging teachers thinking creatively, teachers’ weak intrinsic motivation, their heavy workload, and the absence of a free academic atmosphere. The results also show no significant differences between teacher’s perceptions of the difficulties in using creative teaching methods with respect to gender or the school district. A few recommendations have been proposed based on the findings.



Science teacher Creative teaching Teaching difficulties Oman.

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