Career counseling needs of students at Sultan Qaboos University and their relationships with some variables

Mona Al-Bhrami, Abdul-Fatah Al-Khawaga


The study aimed at identifying career counseling needs of students at Sultan Qaboos University of the academic year 2006/2007 and determining the differences according to the gender, college, and father's educational level variables. An instrument was developed by researchers. It consisted of (60) items distributed into four areas (decision making, career information, and understanding of the self, abilities and interests). A sample random sample of (493) male and female students were selected with consideration to all the variables. The results revealed that students had a high need to career information. The results further indicated, that there was no significant difference among students according to the gender, college, and father's educational level. However, there was a significant difference among students in regard to the year of a, studying. Based on the study findings the researchers recommended implement career information workshops and groups counseling for skills building and groups designed for career exploration provided to all students especially to the first year students. 


Educational studies

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