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The current study aimed at identifying the effect of dramatizing the teaching unit of Beni Abbas Caliphs in 6th grade History of Arabs and Muslims Textbook on improving students' achievement as well as enhancing their social interactional skills. In order to achieve the objectives of the study,three instruments were developed: dramatizing a teaching unit (namely: Beni Abbas Caliphs), a 25-item achievement test, and a social interactional skills scale. All three research instruments were subjected to validity and reality testing. The present study adopted a quasi-experimental design which entailed an experimental group (N = 46) and a control group (N = 44) from DairAlla directory of Education in the academic year 2011/2012. The study reported statistical significant differences in participants' achievement in favor of the experimental group. Significant statistical differences (=0.05) on social interactional sills scale were reported and in favor of the experimental group. The present study recommends thatMinistry of Education need to dramatize history textbooks and to train teachers on using drama in teaching history.



Dramatization Beni Abbas Caliphs history of Arabs and Muslims textbook achievement social interactional skills.

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