The Effect of Problem-Based Learning Strategies on Students’ Attitudes and Their Acquisition of Database and Spreadsheets Skills and Knowledge

Riyadh A. Alhassan


The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of problem-based learning as opposed to traditional learning method on students’ attitudes and acquisition of computer application skills and knowledge (database applications, and spreadsheet applications). The study followed a quasi-experimental design to identify the effect of problem-based learning on the previous variables. The study sample was purposely selected and consisted of 48 students enrolled in two sections of an educational computing course offered by the college of education. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) did not reveal any significant differences between the problem-based group and the traditional group in computer application knowledge and skill acquisition. This finding was in agreement with other research finding that showed no significant effect for problembased learning on knowledge and skill achievement. However, ANOVA revealed significant differences in students’ attitudes toward learning in favor of the traditional group. The study concluded with several recommendations, among which was the need to replicate the current study with a larger sample size, with randomly selected subjects.



Learning strategies, students’ attitudes, traditional learning method, problem solving.

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