State-of-the-Art Methods for Electric Power Systems Voltage Stability Analysis

T.M. Al-Khusaibi, K. A. Ellithy, M.R. Irving


This paper presents a literature survey on the subject of voltage stability analysis of power systems. The survey describes several published methods and techniques used to determine voltage stability indices. These indices predict proximity to voltage instability and collapse problems. The Q-V and P-V curves; singular value decomposition; modal analysis; test function; reduced determinant; loading margin by multiple power flow solutions; local load margins; thevenin/load impedance; and energy function are the methods which have been decribed in the paper. The methods described are based on the original work that first proposed them. They are based on the power-flow system model, where the variation of real and reactive powers are assumed to be the main parameters driving the system to voltage instability. Some of the described methods were applied on the IEEE 30-bus power system.


science, applied science, basic science

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