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To study the aircraft response to a fast pull-up manoeuvre, a short period approximation of the longitudinal model is considered. The model is highly nonlinear and includes parametric uncertainties. To cope with a wide range of command signals, a robust adaptive fuzzy logic controller is proposed. The proposed controller adopts a dynamic inversion approach. Since feedback linearization is practically imperfect, robustifying and adaptive components are included in the control law to compensate for modeling errors and achieve acceptable tracking errors. Two fuzzy systems are implemented. The first system models the nominal values of the system’s nonlinearity. The second system is an adaptive one that compensates for modeling errors. The derivation of the control law based on a dynamic game approach is given in detail. Stability of the closed-loop control system is also verified. Simulation results based on an F16-model illustrate a successful tracking performance of the proposed controller. 




Adaptive Control Fuzzy Logic Control Robust Control Flight Control.

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