Integumentary Histology of the Amphibious Blenny, Isteblennius edentulus (Forester and Schneider, 1801)

Taher Ba-Omar, Maisoon M. Al-Riyami


The skin of the amphibious blenny, Istiblennius edentulus, was studied using both light and scanning electron microscopy. Rich vascularisation was found immediately below the epidermis and the dermis. Surface epithelial cells displayed microridges in a fingerprint-like pattern.  It was speculated that this increased surface area may aid in the adhesion of mucous secretions as well as to increase the surface area for gas exchange. The number of pores on the dorsal side (6.3x103 per mm2) was significantly higher than that on the ventral side (4.3x103 per mm2). The thickness of the skin on the dorsal side was measured at 31.6±10.0µm and that on the ventral side was 32.9 ± 7.8µm.




Blenny; Istiblennius edentulus; pores; skin epithelia.

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