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Doped and non-doped MgO coated thin films on alumina substrates were prepared using a chelating sol-gel method under controlled conditions to prepare nanomaterials with unprecedented properties. The effect of doping of ZnO on thermal, surface and structural properties was investigated using DTA-TG, BET and XRD respectively. Also microstructural studies and coating thickness measurements of MgO thin film were conducted using SEM. An increase in the thermal stability of MgO with increasing ZnO doping percent was observed. The increase of ZnO doping percent showed a marked decrease in the average particle size of MgO powder as a result of the replacement of some Mg2+ by Zn2+ which has similar ionic radius as Mg2+. This decrease in particle size of MgO was also related to the decrease of the degree of MgO crystalinity. The increase of ZnO doping also showed a marked decrease in coating thickness values of the prepared membranes. This decrease was related to the  mechanism of ZnO doping into a MgO crystal lattice.




MgO MgO-ZnO polymeric sol-gel doping mechanism nano properties thin films.

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