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Climate Change discusses the long-term metrological conditions and patterns. Besides nature, human development has drastically increased the chances of climate change by burning fossil fuels, including oil, gas, and coal. That resulted in turbulence among humans and plants, and animals. This vulnerability or changing climate dynamics has impacted the plants that are the earth's primary source of life. Egypt is one of the countries where the temperature has risen in the past decades due to climate change. In this country, the plants are affected by the vulnerability of this dynamic change of climate, especially the rare plant species. One of the most essential and abundant tools for determining plant species' biological and conservation activity is the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red list. Two species, namely Micromeria serbaliana and Veronica kaiseri, which are called out as critically endangered species, are evaluated in this study. After evaluation, it was seen that Micromeria serbaliana falls under the category of B1ab (iii) + 2ab (iii) and is termed an Endangered (EN) specie. The same situation is for another targeted species which is Veronica kaiseri, which qualifies as Endangered (EN) under categories B1ab (iii) +2ab (iii). Both species are declining and severely getting fragmented in their fields.

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