All manuscripts must be formatted according to our Guide for Authors prior to submission. All manuscripts should be submitted online at: Editorial Manager. Please register as a new user to submit your manuscript along with our standard covering letter. The manuscript must be submitted as a Word document.

All manuscripts are scanned prima facie for suitability by our Subject Editors, which may take up to one week. If suitable, manuscripts are sent for international peer review. The review process may take up to 2–3 months depending on how quickly we receive reviews from the reviewers. The SQUMJ uses a double-blinded peer-review process in order to ensure a fair review process. This means that neither the reviewers nor the authors will know the identity of the other.

As soon as we receive sufficient reviewer comments, authors are then informed of our publication decision and provide feedback if any revision is required. Revised manuscripts undergo rapid re-review by the same reviewers to ensure that all necessary changes have been made. Subsequently, if suitable, accepted manuscripts are scheduled for publication in the next available issue of SQUMJ. After Acceptance, the manuscripts are edited by the Editorial Team and a galley proof is created and sent to the authors for their approval prior to publication.