Adult Onset Still’s Disease in Oman

Faisal A Al-Temimi, Prasad George


Objective: To 1. Highlight the demographic characteristics, clinical features, laboratory investigations and outcome if possible of a relatively rare disease (Adult Onset Still’s Disease {AOSD}) and 2. To compare our results with those reported earlier by others. Method: A retrospective review of the clinical, laboratory and radiological manifestations in 6 patients admitted with AOSD. Data were collected from clinical summary of each case highlighting the demographic, clinical features and relevant investigation. The diagnosis was made on clinical base and supported by the laboratory and radiological examinations to confirm the diagnosis and/or exclude other differential diagnoses. Results: Mean age of patients (21.6), presence of fever (80.2%) and its pattern, skin rash (80.2%), arthralgia(100%), arthritis(66.65%), and the duration of morning stiffness, all these findings were compatible with earlier results. However young adult females constitute (80.2%) of our small group, which is quite high in comparison with others. Splenomegaly (33.3%), hepatomegaly(16.6%), and lymphadenopathy(16.6%) were less than that reported by others who have more serious intra-abdominal visceral involvement. One patient (16.65%) had a fatal pulmonary embolism, although usually pulmonary involvement is a mild one. None of our patients had neurological, ophthalmological or hearing involvement. The results of the investigations and radiological findings are more or less similar to those in other series. Conclusion: The clinical and laboratory characteristics of our small number of patients are more or less consistent with findings of others. It is important to keep in mind that AOSD is an uncommon syndrome with a range of signs and symptoms which are non-specific and may simulate a variety of connective tissue and general medical problems. Differences in the expression of AOSD were found between patients from different locations and the disease can be responsible for life-threatening complications.



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